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To make a delivery, all you need to do is check the sender address and recipient address, weigh the parcel, select the service and timings that you want and that is it! Our super-smart platform will also remember any addresses to save you more time in the future.

Don’t forget to print out the attachment to stick on the parcel so that you can also receive tracking. To also help your cashflow, your invoice will be presented at the end of each month – order daily with no payment worries!

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Have your own e-commerce store?

We offer a wide variety of options to make it effortless in dealing with a number of different deliveries. Our booking software can allow you to order multiple deliveries at once through the feature of Quick Ship.

Alternatively, for a higher number of orders, get in touch and take a look at our API and API documentation and see how you can instantly be connected to all of our services with no further hassle!

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