Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions may define the use of booking and making deliveries through the website and platform as provided by I NEED IT TODAY LTD.


Please write to us at 18a Somerset Close, Kingswood, Wotton Under Edge, Gloucestershire, GL12 8RQ, hello@initdelivery.com or telephone us at 0800 181 4225 if you have any further queries as to the coverage provided by I NEED IT TODAY LTD. In the event that we change or update the Terms & Conditions published on the website, the latest iteration will apply to all orders placed for delivery after the date of stated publishing.

Our Terms of Use

1) The Account

a) You will need an account on the platform to be able to access and use any of the delivery services that are as stated. To create an account, you must also be 18 years old or over and resident in the UK.

b) You will need to provide your full name (Contact Name), company name, email address, telephone or mobile number, address and postcode.  When acting on behalf of a company or other organisation ensure that you are authorised to do so. You can provide this information through a number of different means on our website or via our phone line.

c) You must ensure that the details that you provide are correct to the best of your knowledge. Update as to any changes in this information so that we can update your account accordingly.

d) You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your Account details, including your access code, username and password are subsequently responsible for all actions on the account in question.

2) The Booking


a.i) When booking deliveries through the platform you must

(a.i.1) submit the following details with each order:

(a.i.1.a) the client names.

(a.i.1.b) your name.

(a.i.1.c) (if not already provided) address location for collection.

(a.i.1.d) (if not already provided) delivery service with the corresponding time.

(a.i.1.e) address location of the recipient and the recipient name.

(a.i.1.f) any other collection instructions or delivery instructions.

(a.i.1.g) weight (kg) of transported item(s).

(a.i.1.h) number of parcels when booking.

a.ii) make sure the named person sending the delivery at the point of collection is aware and has provided full consent, if other than the individual placing the booking on the platform and that the recipient is able to accept the items that have been sent.

a.iii) We hold the right to accept and refuse deliveries as placed through our platform. If the order is accepted then you will be notified through email as the life cycle of the order progresses (if selected). All jobs ordered each month will be totalled and an invoice will be generated with details of each service.


b.i) You must ensure that:

(b.i.1) the Item matches the description given to us and is not an Prohibited Item. You accept that we may open and examine any Item that we reasonably consider to be a security or health and safety risk and to take, in our reasonable discretion, appropriate action thereafter;

(b.i.2) the parcel does not weigh in excess of 30kg.

(b.i.3) the parcel does not breach the dimensions of 100cm x 100cm x 100cm.

(b.i.4) That the HAWB is printed either by adhesive label or to PDF attached appropriately on the parcel so that it can be registered on collection.

(b.i.5) The parcel does not contain any of the items noted in the Prohibited list.

b.ii) Any breach of the preceding list may be grounds for refusal of handling the particular job by the company and may also incur a fee as a result.

3) Cancellation Policy

a) You are able to cancel the collection of any item prior to the arrival of a delivery driver at the stated collection address for all delivery services that are provided.

b) In order to complete the cancellation action, this is accessible on the My Booking section of the platform. Please note that any changes made to jobs following collection will still incur charges a stated at the time of booking.

4) Our Limitation of Liability

a) When we are handling any parcels in resulting from a booking of a service through our platform, liabilities may be set in the event of damage or loss with:

a.i) the item being equal to, or less than, the value of £500 our maximum total liability for this item is £500.

a.ii) the item being over the value of £500, our maximum total liability for this item will remain £500.

b) we will not be held responsible for any losses associated with trading activities you experience, as a result of actions whether it is as a result of our actions or through no fault of our own.

5)Provision of equipment/supplies by us

a) Any items that may be classified under equipment (i.e. printers) or supplies (i.e. labels) and as provided by us to you are done so on the basis that possession is provisional. These items will be used only as a function of the delivery in parcels booked through our platform. If these items do not find use under this agreement on any full calendar month then these items will be retrieved with further provision at our discretion.

b) We reserve the right to retrieve the items at our discretion for reasons that we do not believe the items are being used, are being used suitably, are not well handled, are damaged, non-functioning or other reason as seen fit by us.

c) If non-variable equipment is damaged whilst in your possession, whether accident or not, then we may present a bill for the cost of repair. If the equipment is damaged beyond repair or lost then we may present a bill for the cost of the equipment. The decision to replace supplies can be done so at our discretion if further supplies are requested at no added cost.

6) Invoicing

a) Charges for use of delivery services will be incurred and applied to the account used for booking. You will be invoiced for the use of these services on the 1st day of the following month, and will have a 3-day period after the invoice is sent to pay of which is owed. Payment must therefore be made by the 4th day of the month. Invoices will be presented on a calendar monthly basis.

7) Late or Missing Parcels

a) If there is a failing in meeting the provision of services as displayed in the booking process on the platform:

a.i) Due to direct actions from us:

(a.i.1) a full refund will be offered relating to the charge of the service and provision of future free services or offers to be used on services will be decided at the time by us.

a.ii) Not due to our actions:

(a.ii.1) If the parcel is late as a result of the actions outside of our control, we will carry out the process as described in the event of late or missing parcels. There will be no additional charges for re-delivery and offer of a refund will be down to our discretion in review of the circumstances.

b) If we are unable to deliver the parcel we will contact you via email, mobile or telephone and we will attempt delivery on the same date as the delivery date dependent on this being before the end of company deliveries at the time of 21:00 at no extra charge. If re-delivery on the day is not possible, we will store the item for up to 2 days from the original date of delivery and if you contact us to arrange re-delivery to take place within such 2-day period, we will aim to carry out the delivery at a time requested or suited to you.

c) If you fail to contact us to arrange a re-delivery to take place with such 2-day period, we will make a second delivery attempt and third delivery attempt over the subsequent respective days. If this is not achieved, the parcel will be returned to the sender at the original collection address and a new job will have to be created to send any further parcels from the account.

d) With a parcel being missing as a result of company actions, you will need to provide evidence as to the value of the item that has been lost for the purposes of cover by insurance.

8) Finally

a) We may subcontract our services to a reputable third party if we are unable to provide a service by ourselves. We will subsequently retain the Terms and Conditions as outlined here as our position will not change in the obligations to booking and service.

c) No external party to the binding contract agreed upon when clicking “Book Job” has the rights under the Contracts Act 1999 (or Rights of Third Parties) to enforce any area of the Contract.

d) Terms and Conditions may be updated on a basis set by us and at our own discretion. If there are amendments made to certain aspects, this will not change any other line in the agreement.

e) By booking a job through our platform, you are accepting the Terms and Conditions as presented here, to which may act as legal enforcement in the contract that is bind and followed following submission of the platform feature “Book Job”.

Terms & Conditions – Definitions

The Website – An informational site owned and operated by us and seen at https://www.initdelivery.com/.

The Platform – A site operated by us and provided with the intended use for account creation and tool in the ordering placement of deliveries, seen at https://www.initdelivery.netcourier.net/.

Delivery/Deliveries – The placing of an order for the intended use of the Services that are provided, organised through the use of the Platform as a tool and fulfilled by us.

Services – The Immediate Delivery, Same Day Delivery and Next Day delivery as provided by us.

Us/Our/We – I NEED IT TODAY LTD. Company registration no. 12057717 also VAT registered no. 329 6323 90. The company registered address can be found at 18a Somerset Close, Kingswood, Wotton-Under-Edge, Gloucestershire, GL12 8RQ.

You – The user of our Delivery Services, whether as an individual or acting on behalf of an active company.

Terms & Conditions – Other Enforcements

Prohibited Items – items recognised as being dangerous, identified Carriage of Dangerous Items by Road Regulations 1996. Subsequently animal skins, furs, ivory and ivory products, live animals, articles of exceptional value (incl. art, antiques, precious stones and precious metals), firearms, money and negotiable items, perishable goods, seeds, and tobacco.

Data Protection – Data protection legislation can cover all users of our website and platform by means of the Data Protection Act 2018. This primarily identifies General Data Protection Regulation (or GDPR) to which core principles we entirely adhere to and apply in all usage of our website and booking platform. For further information as to this legal duty, please see http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2018/12/contents/enacted.

Consumer Rights – In the event that you identify as an individual consumer then the law under the Consumer Rights Act of 2015 will apply to the provision of all Delivery Services (unless fault is caused by issue independent of us). For more information on these rights, and to see any updates or amendments that we are under obligation to provide, please see http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2015/15/contents/enacted.